The Sequence

Don't forget the sequence
Don't forget or we'll be here forever!
Don't forget the frequency you're on
Don't forget the sequence
Don't forget or we'll be here forever!
© Hoopy Frood


Take your time, think about your next breath
Appreciate that once again you cheated death
Realise there's nothing there to realise
Every step doesn't have to lead to somewhere

Look to your left and see a friend beside you
Look to your right, another there to guide you
On your way to where it is you stay
Where ever you lay your head down
© Hoopy Frood

Never Coming Down

Just one more? You've got to be crazy
The last one took you so far, you're never coming down
The same again? You've got to be joking
The last one took you so high, you're never coming down

You're never coming down

If I can't come down, will you come and get me?
If I need to level out, will you come and save me?
I should have stopped when you did baby

Turn around, come back to me baby
The lights are on, but there's nobody home
Hey hey, stay with me darlin'
We got to try and get those feet back on the ground

Get your feet back on the ground

If I can't come down, will you come and get me?
If I need to level out, will you come and save me
I should have stopped when you did baby
© Hoopy Frood

The Voice

It doesn't really matter, 'cos nothing really counts
It's a little like The Matrix, there's so much more than this
You'll never make a difference, to what you think you'll know
If you really want to see it, look into yourself

Hear me, see me, I'm all around you now
See me, feel me, hear me, see me, I'm all around you now
You are enlightened now

It's not so hard to see it, it's everything you know
You're holding onto nothing, relax and let it go
Proof of you existence isn't hard to find
'Cos all of your existence is what you call your mind

Hear me, see me, I'm all around you now
See me, feel me, you are enlightened now
Hear me, see me, I'm all around you now
See me, feel me, you are enlightened now

The key to life, you know the sequence
Open up your mind and see the difference
I believe that you can go the distance
Choose the dream with the least resistance
You can't choose where you've already been
You can't choose the air you're breathing in
But you can count on your awareness
Be aware of your awareness
Who do you see in your own reflection?
Just a face or do you feel a connection?
Deep within, feel yourself
Focus in on nothing else
© Hoopy Frood


I Was Looking Into The Sky
Indigo is born (full version)

I was looking into the sky. It was a warm
summer's night. I noticed there were no clouds,
the sky was black as ink. With only the flicker
of stars, the air was warm and dry,it was a
pleasant heat. There was a gentle breeze.

I found my eyes drawn to an area amongst the
stars, there, something was stirring. Looking
closer I focused on an area far, far away. As I
watched, it started to blur. The blur began to
grow into a cloud, but it wasn't a rain cloud,
more like one made of dust. A giant cloud deep in
space, where stars are born. The longer I watched,
the bigger it grew. It was amazing.

Spanning light years, separating stars. It grew
and grew, consuming the sky, it moved closer to
me. Then it started to collapse, folding in on
itself, becoming denser and denser and then
suddenly I felt the heat. The pressure mounting
inside, as I watched, the cloud began to ignite.
Streams of hot gases and swirling winds erupted.
The winds got faster and faster. They blew through
me and the noise, the noise was overwhelming. I
became immersed deep in the heat and the sound.
Then the cloud began to emit light. Not white
light, ultra-violet, an azure blue, or deeper
like sapphire. The light, the sound, the heat
consumed me.

Then I knew Indigo Child was born.
© Hoopy Frood


Little one you have it all
The bravest heart, the purest soul
Indigo I learn from you
The brightest star, I'll follow you Indigo

Indigo you lead us on
You seem to know where we come from
Ancient eyes of deepest blue
I dive right in and swim with you Indigo
© Hoopy Frood


I feel the sun on my skin?
I feel it touch everything
Sunshine's falling through my hands
Summer love warms this space
Laughing 'til it hurts my face
Dancing in the summershine

Take my hand come with me
Love everything you see

Lazing in the summer sun
Having friends and making fun
Summer loving warms this space
Laughing 'til it hurts my face
Take my hand and you will see
Nothing matters, it's a breeze
It's a breeze
© Hoopy Frood

Suspended In The Brightness

"I felt a little disjointed; not quite all
there; kind of disconnected. I knew I had
friends around me and everything was hoopy
but I was still separate, on my own. All
I could do was sit there and watch it all
rush by me.

Then I saw her. She was more than just
beautiful. There was something really deeply
fascinating and kind of dreamy about the way
she moved and the way she looked at me.
There was a sensual kind of presence about
her that just totally captivated me. At the
time I didn't realise it was possible but
I couldn't help but think she must have been
an angel or something.

And then she started to undress…

But instead of revealing any of her skin
there was just this really bright light. It
started small, like shining through the gap
in her blouse. It was so bright you could
hardly directly look at it. Then the more
clothes that she took off the more the light
filled the room until eventually I was
totally surrounded by it.

I could still feel her like she was a part
of me, or that I was a part of her rather.
But it was just me in the light. The light
was under my feet, there was no floor but ,
I wasn't falling. I just kind of hung there,
floated there suspended in the brightness..."
© Hoopy Frood


Here we go, around again
Another hand to play
A chance to see beyond the game
Breath by breath we live again
Forever wishing more
Forever chasing rainbow ends
Step by step we walk it one more time
But do we feel the need
To really see beyond our eyes
Year by year
On to another end
Time is nothing but it's time to turn the wheel again
Around and around Samsara
© Hoopy Frood

Chasing Inspiration

I got an empty piece of paper
I'm chasing inspiration in an empty space
Then in that space I start to see simple elucidation
And my creation staring back at me

Voice of Indigo:

"...I could paint in the nothingness by simply moving my
hand around. I could think of a colour and there it
would be. Using my finger as a paintbrush I could paint
all kinds of things. I painted trees and flowers and
birds and animals and bees and rainbows and clouds.
And everything I painted came to life as soon as
I'd finished.

It was amazing.

I started to get into it. I spent hours…days…who
knows how long I spent but I made everything just
how I'd like it to be in my ideal world. There was
no pollution, no busy streets, no cars rushing about.
I made it absolutely perfect and being from my mind
I felt sure that I could make this place last forever
and I could live here making everything exactly as
I wanted it to be."

I got an empty piece of paper
I'm chasing inspiration in an empty space
In that space I start to see
Simple elucidation
And my creation staring back at me

Searching my expression
Looking for direction and a starting place
Standing there in front of me
Dancing hallucinations
And my creation, there for all to see

Striving for perfection
To make a big impression on a waiting world
Everything I want to be
Mutual appreciation
For my creation and all that it could be
© Hoopy Frood


We've come so far
And there's still so far to go
More than we know
We've come so far
And we're still chasing
There's still so far
To find out where we're from
There's still so much more
To go to see what we'll become
We're still chasing the sun
To find out where were from
We're still chasing the sun
To see what we become
© Hoopy Frood

The Hundredth Monkey

We know it's coming
We hear its call
The hundredth monkey comes to join the fun
Get the party ready
It's drawing near
The hundredth monkey will be
changing things 'round here
We can see her in the distance
Getting closer everyday
We open up our arms to her – she's The One!
© Hoopy Frood