Following the release of their debut “Psychonaut” in 2004 Hoopy Frood were booked to support Ozric Tentacles in Brighton in the summer of 2005. A live band didn’t exist prior to this performance and was put together with close friends just for the occasion. It went so well that they are still together, writing and gigging some ten years later.

With the help of James @ Amboworld, Psychonaut sold in 13 countries and positive feedback is still rolling in:

  • They open in us deep emotions and hidden thoughts…”
  • “Hoopy Frood has a wonderful gift for making beautiful, organic and fun pieces of music…”
  • “I am still blown away every time I hear it…”
  • “We suspect the work of hippies”

The music was inspired when Steve and Rich, influenced by a wide range of music; Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Free, Ozric Tentacles, Bjork, Bob Marley, Fleetwood Mac and many others, discovered work by Ott and Shpongle on one hot, balmy and trippy summers day in 2003. Previously never fans of electronic music they were instantly converted, bought a cheap PC, a copy of Reason and started learning how to make those ethereal and trippy sounds. The result is a stir-fry of influences from all of the above, many other classic acts and especially from their fellow band members.

In 2009 the band completed the recording of their 2nd album “Indigo”.Just prior to release Rich sent a track (Chasing Inspiration) to Ott, not expecting a reply. However within a few hours he replied to say that he’d like to mix it and he went on to mix/co-produce the album. The result is a fantastically produced and thought provoking album that has been well received by fans and new listeners world-wide.

2015: Hoopy Frood are currently writing new music in the same genre (whatever that is) while also recording songs written by singer/guitarist and fellow Frood, Chris Read.

The band: Steve Varman (guitars/keys), Rich Walgate (Bass/guitar), Michelle Higgins (vocal), Chris Read (guitars/vocal), Ruari Hignell (percussion), Andy Aust (drums).

Be hoopy, be happy